Sain uudestaan kivan haasteen Inarialta, jonka aion vastata englanniksi.

1) Why did you create the blog?

I've read lots of blogs over the years and wanted my own. As simple as that. L'Espace Jepsukka. My own little diary without a pad lock attached.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow creative and inspiring blogs. Unfortunately there aren't to many of all of the ones out there but I keep up with all of the blogs I like under my own directory under "My profile". I think most finnish blogs are so shy, borderline and mainstream and mix up an interest in fashion with a simple interest in clothes, but there are a couple of gems! Fashion doesn't equal clothes is something I've learnt.

3) Favourite makeup brands

I don't use makeup.

4) Favourite clothing brand

Dior Homme. H&M. Gant. Polo. And if I could afford it: Balmain *drool*

5) Your indispensable makeup product

Haven't got any. I'd like something to make me look tanned and riviera fresh all year round without effort.

6) Your favourite colour

I love colour! All colour! As long as it's colour. My mother had an all white home in my childhood where I wasn't allowed to sit on the sofa or walk on carpets which made me crave for colours and utility. Blue, red and green are special favourites.

7) Your perfumes

Hermès Un jardin sur le Nil and Kelly Calèche. Eternal favourites for the Jepsukka effect.

8) Your favourite films

De mí madre by Almodóvar.
Bonjour Sagan by Diane Kurys.
Dangerous liaisons with Sarah Michelle Hotness Gellar.
In the mood for Love by Wang Kar Wei.
Anthony Zimmer with Sophie Überchaude Marceau.
James Bond; from Russia with love with Sean Connery.
La femme infidèle by Chabrol
Mulholland Drive
Le pianiste written by Elfriede Jelinek
The Piano with Anna Paquin

Amongst many... If it's one thing I burn for it's culture: art, cinema and music.

9) What country would you like to visit and why

Russia. It's so vast and grande and I'd like to see from where my family originated back in the 10th century.

10) Make the last question and answer to yourself:

What you yearn for the most right now?

I want a Céline bag, watch a good movie and eat cheese and crackers, drink red wine and go for a late evening stroll and watch the Eiffel Tower light play all alone. And some H&M Lanvin beauties wouldn't hurt!

I give this prize forward to these beautiful blogs:
I don't now if you already received this but:


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Thanks.I'll try to do this soon.


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Kiitti Jepsukka, pitää heti ryhtyä hommiin!

Violette said...

Nice to get to know you better!

I've already answered to these questions last week, but in Finnish. Thanks anyway!

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