Marcel Proust

Blazer / Zara
Jeans / Acne Studios
Shoes / Cesare Paciotti
Bag / Hermès
Hat / Lindex
Brooch / Chanel 
Sunglasses / Dior


Saint Laurent Men's SS 2016

Enjoy my little mood board of the complete yummyness offeres by Hedi Slimane for the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2016 men's collection.

Sequins, satin and leopard galore! The styling though left lots to say, but nothing positive *censored*.

photos via: style.com


Decisions Decisions...

Ok, so I'll admit it. I'm officially on the hunt for a Louis Vuitton Petite Malle clutchy mini trunk bag or whatever we should call it. It's simply just too gorgeous to live without, though a bit pricey.

The hard thing is that I just don't seem to be able to make a choice! Should I go for the classic hard sided one's, what color and trim, or should I opt for the larger soft Petite Malle?

What do you dear readers think?

Photo: V Magazine


In the Stairs

Jacket / Saint Laurent 
Jeans / H&M 
Shoes / WESC 
Sunglasses / Dior So Real


Tuxedo Master

Tom Ford  is just the Tuxedo master impersonated. 

I love the bold prints and iridescent pattern in his collection for next spring/summer 2016. I can't wait until I have my fingers on an evening jacket from the one and only TF!

photos: Tom Ford

Balenciaga Clip

I've been wanting a Balenciaga Clip portfolio bag like forever but somehow never acquired one. Now the turn finally came and I got to put my hands on this black beauty. 

I've been coming back to the simple, sleek and relaxed bags of Balenciaga for a long time and they are just so practical. The perfect everyday bags that you just don't have to fuss around with and be careful with. Balenciaga's will last!


Act So Real

At the moment I'm so obsessing over Dior sunglasses and Fendi fur bugs. The tune of my summer. Wish there would be some shorts weather soon here in Stockholm.

Blazer / Gant Rugger 
Jeans / Acne Studios 
Shoes / Farrutx 
Bag / Angel Jackson 
Fur Bug / Fendi 
Sunglasses / Dior So Real


Summer flowers for Midsummer at the Jepsukka Mansion. 

Hope you all enjoyed this holiday!


Just Married

And so they got married last weekend, HRH Prince Carl Philip and Sofia.
The wedding was incredibly beautiful, as should be.


Un Jardin de Monsieur Li

Somehow I have completely missed the launch of a new fragrance in the Hermès Jardin series: Un Jardin de Monsieur Li. 

As a BIG fan of this collection I had the joy of trying this at my last trip to Spain and maybe a bit partial, I did love it!


Wild Pants

I love how wild my zebra jeans make me feel! They add a huge adge to everything don't you think?

 Jacket / The Local Firm 
Jeans / H&M 
Shoes / Saint Laurent 
Bag / Hermès
Sunglasses / Dior 

Queen Mimosa is Back!

As a proud pony!
If you haven't listened to his music, you have to. Outrageous electro!


Back to the Roots

Hello there and welcome!

The Jepsukka blog is now back to where it all started, jepsukka.blogspot.com and my blog on LILY will just be a Finnish archive from now on.

From now on, my blog language will be English, with of course, my eternal deviances to all kind of languagues. I'm multicultural, right!

So let's keep on sharing the passion for fashion and everything else extravagant and luxurious here on my blog.